High -quality screeds – responsible and important business

Perhaps not a single more or less serious repair is carried out without the performance of screeds. Our housing has indirect corners and non -sontal floors. Screeds can be performed not only with a decorative purpose, it can cover the system of warm floor or perform another quite practical function. There are many different offers on the building materials market with which these works can be performed. There are ready -made solutions and mixtures, or you can use dry mixtures.

They mainly try to use dry mixtures, which are mainly produced from cement and gypsum in various proportions and with other additives. Dry mixtures are preferable, since they allow you to prepare material for screed of various consistency, and they are well stored, there is no need to use it immediately after acquisition. Dry mixture is very reliable and easy to work. You can purchase a ready -made dry mixture of both imported and domestic production. But it is necessary to choose a quality product, the manufacturer gives a quality certificate and disseminates warranty obligations.

The Russian builder-repairman was lucky. The company “Prospectors” has long established itself in the building materials market as a manufacturer of quality products, and offers a wide range of various mixtures for high -quality repair. The fact that the company has been on the market for 20 years, and boldly puts its brand on products, speaks of reliability and quality. Production capacities produce more than 80 items, so turning to the “prospectors”, you can choose material for any purpose, whether it is screed, wiping seams, plaster or other type of finishing work. The manufacturer gives a full guarantee for strength and resistance.

On the site you can not only familiarize yourself with the assortment, but also find the nearest store in which products can be purchased. In addition, there is an opportunity to directly contact the company’s specialists who constantly deal with a variety of repair materials for repair. You can ask a question and get a quick and constructive answer. It is also possible to go through a full briefing on the technique of aligning the floors. In the section of repair tips, read a lot of interesting and useful.

It is possible to find products of “prospectors” in any region of Russia, thanks to a wide network of dealers with which the company is actively and fruitfully, becoming a dealer simply and profitably, since the products are well sold out, and not only through the retail network, but also under agreements with construction organizations.