Where you can choose a unique project of a house from a rounded log?

Projects of houses that are made of wood become the most popular. Such houses are largely superior to those that are erected by using building materials. Wooden buildings have a number of undeniable advantages and therefore many customers wish them. But work on the design and construction of houses is like a class – this is a responsible work and you need to approach more carefully to solving such issues. To date, most customers prefer to have certain guarantees and therefore study companies and their activities before agreeing to cooperation, which is the most right decision and will protect themselves from non -professionals.

Nord Forest company is leaders in the design and erection of houses from various materials. She has already more than four hundreds of implemented work and numerous thanksgiving customer reviews on her account. The company offers to view the work “Escalled log”: projects of houses, photos of their execution and much more.

It is worth noting that before the construction of the house it is necessary to conduct geophysical research, engineering and geological, topographic and geodetic work. All these engineering surveys in construction in Krasnodar can be performed by Buildinggeoservis company. A similar integrated approach allows each client to get the most optimal service. Turning to the company, the customer announces his work and, after the shortest time, receives their finished execution.

If you are interested in the cost of a wooden house and other works, it is better to contact Nord Forest or contact its representatives. For each project, the company provides a guarantee for a five -year term, which indicates a decent performance of work. It is also worth noting the fact that the company works only with the highest quality materials, which makes it possible to maximize the service life of the structure.

In “Nord Forest” you can order projects of any type and type, and, of course, scale. If necessary, the client can order a project of small dimensions with an area of ​​up to 120 m2. For more overall projects, you can pay attention to work with an area of ​​120 to 200 square meters. There are volumetric cottages and houses: over 200 square meters area.

“Nord Forest” allows each of his clients to get the most profitable house, both economically and in all the others. As a rule, the minimum time is required to perform work. It is worth remembering that wood made of wood are being built much faster than those that are made from building materials.