Where metal dressing?


Almost any service or production enterprise does not begin with a hanger, like a theater, but with a wardrobe. This is a place where employees of a particular organization store their daily and working clothes, collect production materials and dirty uniforms, as well as personal belongings. In the dressing room, visitors to the institution often leave their things, for example, saunas, baths, fitness center, sports club, etc. In these cases, metal dressing rooms are indispensable, which not only are not afraid of moisture, but also allow us to conveniently store a large number of things. For the production of dressing rooms, racks, cells and cabinets, manufacturers use different materials, for example, iron, plastic and wood. However, metal furniture is most popular, since it has many advantages and is more convenient to use.

The metal cabinet will become indispensable furniture where there are long or short -term effects of the environment – high humidity, low and high temperature, evaporation, etc. P. In addition, metal wardrobes are characterized by increased strength. Unlike plastic and wooden analogues, they are less malleable to hacking.

In St. Petersburg, the leader in the production of metal furniture is the company “Warehouse order”, which offers high-quality metal dressing and other metal furniture. In its production, this manufacturer uses high -quality, reliable and durable materials, which are a guarantee of a long service life of all furniture. It has vast experience in the production of metal industrial and office furniture. Metal dressing rooms have all permissions and certificates, and their cost is affordable for many.

High -quality dressing room is a dressing room made of steel. Furniture from this material is distinguished by a beautiful appearance, resistance to negative effects of the medium, and due to powder staining, furniture can acquire almost any color. Metal cabinets undergo special anti -corrosion treatment, which protects the material from the effects of rust. If necessary, you can buy a wardrobe to order, because many manufacturers offer this service.