Foundation work

As you know, the foundation is the basis of everything. Nowadays, this word has even become a household word, because without a high-quality foundation it is impossible to implement any construction project. Therefore, one should not be surprised that the price for its construction can range in the amount of 20% of the cost of all construction work performed to build this facility. It is worth noting that each construction company should purchase compressors, for which the link will come in handy. Poorly laying the foundation – a guarantee for failure, so before engaging in its construction, it is worthwhile to verify the quality of the source materials and the technology for implementing the construction.

To consider the significance of the foundation in more detail, all its types should be listed. So, according to the functional parameters, they can be divided into deep and fine foundations.

Deep foundations include:

– columnar foundation, or foundation on piles. This type of foundation is most suitable for structures, the foundations of the walls of which have a simplified type of structure. Piles of such a foundation can be made of brick, stone or reinforced concrete. A columnar foundation boasts its cheapness.

– Ribbon foundation. Designed to install massive buildings. The main characteristic of the strip foundation is the cross section passing along the perimeter of the building.

– The foundation plate. Is a uniform flat plate, which is located under the entire area of ​​construction. It is mainly used for installation on heavy soils, as well as in the construction of multi -storey buildings.

The foundations of small laying include:

– Pulled foundations

– Massive foundations

– Ribbon foundations

– Solid plates

Reliable installation of a high -quality foundation requires careful thoughtfulness of all actions. First of all, special geological and engineering research should be carried out, which will show which type of foundation is suitable for a given area. Do not forget about groundwater, the presence or absence of which will characterize the depth required to build the foundation. If the soil is too saturated with moisture, a prerequisite for laying the foundation will be the manufacture of a pit.