Bouto stone foundation

The foundation made of Bout is very durable, it withstands a large load. It is also not very expensive.

Lay such a foundation slightly wider than walls, slightly below the level of freezing of the soil. The bottle base is very demanding on weather conditions, the soil should not be very wet, the edges of the trench should not crumble when digging. At the same time, he should not be very dry so that the concrete does not grab. Concrete is poured immediately in a trench, and not in the formwork, so the requirements for the ground are so strict.

The laying process must begin with the sorting and layout of the but. This is perfectly developed technology for dismantling. Throw out large blocks at the corners of the design itself. If cobblestones are too large – split them with a sledgeham.

The first row must be laid on a sand pillow, stone pieces must be pressed into it. In no case do not leave and do not ride the stones in the first row. The rest of the voids must be filled with small cobblestones. The first row should not be higher than 40 cm. After all this, the boot must be poured with liquid concrete.

The second layer of Buta must be laid with dressing. To do this, lay the first row of stones along the trench, and the second – across. The smaller the gap between the stones, the accordingly the strength of the foundation itself will be greater. After you have laid out the outer sides of the missile foundation, the empty space must be filled with concrete.

After the foundation has reached a project height, it must be hydrolyzed, this is done in a one -way or painting way. The global method is made by gluing the foundation itself with rolled waterproofing, and the painting method implies uniform application of hot bitumen to the foundation.