DSP – the best material for furniture production

DSP is the best and widespread material for the manufacture of housing furniture of economy class. At the same time, manufacturers can use additional elements, as a decorative coating: metal, wood, glass and other composite materials on wood -based.

Most large enterprises have opted for chipboard as the basic material for the manufacture of furniture. In this case, consumers receive the perfect price ratio: a practical product and an acceptable cost.

Wood-steering plate is a modern composite material that is made by impregnation of wood chips, as well as sawdust (aspen, poplar, birch, coniferous rocks) with a special synthetic substance (formaldehyde resin) with further pressing at elevated temperatures. For the first time, the chipboard appeared in the United States of America in the 40s of the last century for the manufacture of furniture for refugees and immigrants. Thanks to the rapid development and the emergence of the latest technologies, the process of manufacturing these materials has been improved all the time. To date, cutting chipboard in Moscow is a very common service.

Experts note that the chipboard was not widely used if it were not for the unique opportunity to use various facing materials. At the same time, wood-and-steering plates are faced with polymer film, veneer, plastic, paper.

Most often, in the manufacture of furniture, chipboard is used. These are wood-cutting plates that are processed under high pressure. The varnish coating makes the surface of the plate resistant to mechanical damage and moisture. LDSP slabs have an attractive appearance and excellent physical properties. All that needs to be done after this is to carry out a high -quality cut of chipboard on certain details. In this case, all the ends are processed with a special edge. After that, assembly is carried out.

Furniture with a facade from MDF is used by many large companies. This material has a lot of positive characteristics. If we talk about the practical side of use, then the facades from the MDF are very durable, they do not jar, do not swell, and in terms of mechanical characteristics and moisture resistance they surpass the wood. At the same time, products for MDF are 55% cheaper than an array. When ordering a facade from this material, the consumer may not limit himself only by rectilineous facades, but to include all possible bent elements and choose a different pattern.