Where to buy expanded clay in St. Petersburg – high -quality and inexpensive?

Keramzit is a building material, due to the application of which, the cost of the built building is significantly reduced to the cost of. It is a light building material that has a porous consistency.

This material is made by firing with special clay fusion. For greater convenience in use, like building material, expanded clay has a round or oval shape. This form of expanded clay makes it possible for a simpler and more uniform distribution of material.

Keramzit is used in most cases as an aggregate for the production of expanded clay concrete blocks, light concrete, as a thermal insulation material, for drainage.

Naturally, in the modern construction market you can buy any building materials and there is nothing complicated in this. But still where it is better to buy expanded clay? After all, there are objective reasons why we buy in one place, and not in another…

The company “Arina” has been engaged in the implementation of expanded clay and other building materials for four years. The organization has been operating since 2007 and then specialized in the production of earthwork, however, since 2009, the company began to develop a slightly different direction, such as the supply and transportation of inert building materials. Today, at the disposal of Arina, its own fleet of European special equipment and dump trucks. The company can offer optimal prices for its services, such as: the supply and transportation of building materials, the implementation of excavation (excavation, development, export and disposal of soil, digging trenches and pounds).

When contacting Arina, you get:

• The best price in g. St. Petersburg.• The widest assortment of building materials.• the opportunity is given, when making an order of building materials, to issue delivery or make pickup.• Each customer has an individual approach.• Possibility of leasing freight and construction special equipment.

Today, the company “Arina” is an excellent team of professional logists and managers. The organization has its own fleet with special equipment and contacts established with manufacturers. Currently, Arina has a lot of current contracts with the largest venues and quarries in g. St. Petersburg and in the Leningrad Region. Given all the advantages above, you can easily purchase expanded clay volume, fractions and at the most democratic prices with delivery.

The specialists of this organization did everything to satisfy the most fully consumer wishes of their customers.