Where to buy a plywood, saving time and nerves

In the construction of any object, and even during repair, we always use plywood. It seems to many that it is very easy to buy, but this is not so. It is important to know some elements with which you can acquire unnecessary problems. Let’s look at them in more detail.

Plywood plywood can be divided into two groups: construction and furniture. Naturally they need to be used in the area for which they are intended.

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Any professional who is engaged in building materials, and especially plywood, will be able to easily distinguish between two groups. And how can we determine? In moisture -resistant plywood plywood from 3 to 5 layers of veneer is present, and in construction can reach 17. It turns out that the construction is many times thicker.

It can also be distinguished in appearance, in the construction fiber of wood have different directions, and in furniture plywood, the surface is perfectly flat, which has been grinded.

And by the breed of wood, two groups of moisture -resistant plywood have the difference. Construction is produced mainly from birch, and furniture is made of coniferous breeds. Of course, we are unlikely to be able to determine the breed, then in this case you can trust a consultant in a store who is obliged to know the characteristics of the goods.

If you visit a number of construction stores, you can notice a decent difference in prices. What is the catch. Cheap plywood can be if it was lying in stock for a long time and could start to deteriorate.

Well, so we figured out the main problems when choosing and buying plywood. If you do not want to definitely make a mistake, you can take with you a professional master who can choose the best option for you and see all the advantages and disadvantages.