Photostores in a modern interior

Modern fashion in the interior surprised another novelty for the house – photographs that are an interesting, unusual, original and beautiful option for creative and creative people. After all, in such curtains you can realize any imagination. You can apply a beautiful ornament on them, photos or photo buildings.

Thanks to modern printing technologies, any picture is applied to the fabric. A vivid image of high quality is resistant to sunlight and does not lose its original appearance during operation. The advantage of such curtains is that you can independently choose an image that will be transferred to the fabric, and the cost of such a service is small.

These can be delightful classical landscapes, panoramas of ancient European cities, megacities in evening lights, tropical and mountain landscapes, an image of colors and paintings by famous artists.

For an interior in the style of maximalism, Japanese photographs made of even linen with hard inserts and even paper will be a great option. Traditional Japanese landscapes are applied to such photozluys. Rolled curtains with photo printing can turn the kitchen window into a colorful picture. For Roman curtains, it is better to select photo printing with a repeating ornament that will not be distorted when raising the canvas.

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