Senator Cynthia Lummis praises pension funds investing in Bitcoin

Cynthia Lummis, who represents Wyoming in the Senate, is calling for smart regulation of the blockchain industry. She represents the camp of cryptocurrency investors and believes that Bitcoin will soon become part of the global financial system.

According to Cynthia Lummis, pension funds are choosing the right strategy when investing in BTC.

The senator said the dominance of bearish sentiment in the crypto sphere has not caused her to change her view. She is still confident that Bitcoin is becoming a leading financial instrument and can be used in retirement savings.

Moreover, Lummis calls on all American funds accumulating pension capital to redistribute their portfolios in favor of the largest digital currency.

She recalled that a total of 21 million bitcoins will be mined. The limited emission of BTC creates conditions for long-term growth in its value.

At the same time, the senator believes that transactions with cryptocurrency should be as transparent as possible. Only in this case will the state be able to ensure the safety of investors and effectively combat money laundering through digital assets.