Using retractable marquis for giving

Veranda is an integral part of a country house or a summer residence. This is not always a room designed for a comfortable vacation outside the city is provided for by the original project. Her absence sooner or later begins to deliver certain discomfort to the owners, deprived of the opportunity to fully enjoy a good rest.

The decision may be the construction of a capital veranda. However, such an approach requires not only significant temporary, but also cash costs. A less expensive alternative to this approach will be the use of the marquis. These awnings have a pleasant appearance and reliably protect from the sun and rain.

At its price, the marquisa is available to a wide consumer and will not be like a heavy financial burden for the family budget. What are such designs? This is a type of peculiar sliding roofs made of reflective and waterproof fabrics that can be collected in a roll, and if necessary.

To purchase for a summer house or at home on a suburban area, retractable marquises are more economical in online stores from manufacturers, where a wide range of various models of such structures, various color solutions are presented. After all, any product from the manufacturer always has a price below market and a flexible system of discounts.

The fabric of the retractable marquis is brought into movements with a special electric power mechanism, which is attached to the wall of the house. The automated process allows you to collect or put forward the marquise in 30 seconds. As a result, instead of the veranda, which will take a considerable area of ​​the site, it turns out a beautiful and stylish canopy. Its advantage is obvious – it practically does not take up space, but fully copes with the protective functions of the canopy.

Often, the owners of the summer cottages, which provide stationary verandas and terraces, establish sliding marquises as an additional decorative element. After all, such a design as a marquise is suitable for modern buildings and buildings, which at least 30 years, giving the facade a stylish and original look.