Furniture History from China

You are still continued by such a phrase as “Chinese furniture to order? Chinese furniture in the living room for you “? You know, absolutely in vain! Today, manufacturers of interior items from China are not necessarily hundreds of workers hunched in dirty and dark and dark and basements or basements, which supply cheap and non -durable fakes to the Russian markets.

Those times have long sunk into oblivion, and most of the interior items in this country are made at ordinary civilized factories and factories, which are equipped with equipment using the latest equipment.

In short, all high -quality Chinese furniture to order, and not only produced in the Middle Kingdom, is conditionally divided into three categories:

1. Interior items that are produced in the territory of the Republic of China under a very strict control of the most famous European companies. The fact is that they themselves founded in the Celestial Factory for the production of elite interiors, therefore, these interior items under the trademarks of Europeans are produced. And now, of course, Chinese furniture in the living room for you, for example, will be sold in Russian markets – and not only, under the solemn brand “made in Italy”. The price of such furniture is not small.

2.Very high -quality Chinese furniture produced under the most famous European brands, but only copies. For the manufacture of such interior items, they use absolutely the same material as in the European country, and they are made using the same technologies, but are already produced under completely different brands. Buy just such things from the Middle Kingdom is the best option for those who just do not want to overpay for one, only the famous name.

3. Interior items created using China’s technologies, and their years developed by traditions, since the Celestial Empire is, quite ancient, a country that has its achievements and a very rich culture, even in the creation of furniture. Such interior items are elite. Such interior masterpieces will give your house an Asian atmosphere, the comfort of the East and its splendor.

Given the foregoing, Chinese furniture is increasingly gaining markets, both around the world and in our countries, while gaining very popularity. Perhaps you very often hear that someone’s chief has acquired Chinese furniture to order and now these interior items adorn his living room. Some of my acquaintances acquired for the nursery, such furniture for the birthday of the child