Correct the errors of the structure

When you buy a ready -made house, you, of course, expect to get the perfect new building in which you will live for many years. But, unfortunately, sometimes it turns out the other way around. The fact is that there are many systems that were built with errors or just outdated and in such cases you just need to do not overhaul, but with a serious replacement of such details.

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If you bought an old house where it was still intended for the furnace, then it’s time to say goodbye to it. The fact is that today there are beautiful and easier devices for use, and the hole in the roof is open quite poorly in the winter.

Pipes. This is a compulsory job. The replacement of pipes throughout the living space of the house must be done, since it is not known how reliably in what state they can arrive at the time of purchase.

Checking and processing all places of watershed. The fact is that all the technical device, which was used twenty years ago, are significantly outdated. And this applies not only to performance but also a combination with modern technology. So that everything is worth replacing with new details.

The safety of heat. This stage should also be verified and fixed. The material has the properties of obsolescence and gradually its functions descend to zero. The old material is replaced by a new one, and the house will appear in a new quality.