Using drywall, we make partitions and building materials in Orekhovo-Zuevo with our own hands

Of course, it is quite possible to cope with a similar task without extraneous intervention and help. But remember that in this case, you should have several days in reserve.

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Make plasterboard partitions in several stages. So, let’s talk about them in more detail:

1. At the very beginning, you need to do the markup. In this case, the construction level and plumbing should be used.

2. Along the perimeter that you got, you need to nail the guide profile UW. We use dowels and screws in the work. In parallel, we insert the second. At the end of the work, a frame of the future design should be obtained.

3. When making appropriate measurements, we cut out the profile CW. It should be slightly shorter than the distance (5 cm.). Install this profile in an intended place, align and fix. At the same time, leaving the distance between subsequent profiles of 60 cm. , Do not forget to leave a place for the door. You can strengthen the CW profile using a wooden beam. Another additional UW profile, set horizontally above the doorway.

4. Install drywall sheets.

5. We will take care of sound insulation, using special mineral wool in the work.

6. Install the remaining sheets of drywall on the other side of the profile.

7. So, the profile is already sheathed. Now proceed to putty.

8. Install the type of decorative coating that you liked.

Remember that with the help of a material from drywall you can create any structural options, but you will not have the opportunity to install any suspended shelf on this type of structure.