How to evaluate the quality of furniture?

Furniture market news 2011 September 08.09.2011 How to evaluate the quality of furniture?

08.09.2011 How to evaluate the quality of furniture? There is GOST 16504-81 to assess the quality of the manufactured furniture. It lists all the definitions that are related to checking and testing this product. Materials used for the manufacture of furniture must comply with regulatory and technical documentation, which is relevant in this area at the time of production. The GOST defines controlled indicators and the technique by which they are checked. For example, the tree is checked in size, variety and moisture content, adhesive materials – for external state, viscosity, connection strength, dry residue, etc. Strong products are controlled for the maintenance of volatile components, the degree of viscosity, the content of the dry residue. Abrasive substances undergo control for humidity, size, appearance. Facing with the base on impregnated paper is controlled by elasticity, impregnation, degree of content of volatile substances, clogging, ash, smoothness. Modernly controlled materials for upholstered furniture (upholstery), mirrors, fittings, polyurethane foam, etc. P.In addition, all the material undergoes control at the production stage – a certain microclimate is supported in the workshops, the consumption of materials on 1 m2 of the surface is calculated and the roughness of the parts is selected. Throughout the production process, the quality of both parts and ready -made assembly parts of future furniture is checked. If these samples of the furniture industry comply with all standards, it can no doubt can entrust it only to a bona fide company specializing in transporting goods. We advise you to pay attention to the offices that use IVECO trucks. This high -quality technique in combination with sober and responsible loaders is the key to the successful completion of the operation called “cargo transportation”.