How to equip a children’s room

Many parents think about how the best one can equip the children’s room, because the most important member of the family will live here. In order for the child to feel especially comfortable here, the design of the room must be treated with great responsibility. When choosing a color for a children’s room, it is necessary to focus on its age and psychological type, the color of the room will be able to “adjust” the child’s nature. Blue is the color of melancholys, phlegmatic people are most to their liking green color, sanguine is crazy about yellow, and choleraiks prefer red. Psychologists offer to glue the wallpaper in the tone of the color that corresponds to the time of the year of the birth of the baby. The color of the ceiling, walls and floor should be lighter than the color of the furniture. When you choose wallpaper for the children’s room, then forget about bright wallpaper and those that depict cartoon characters. Psychologists are confident that cartoons are not even that the baby has fun, but they act negatively on the children’s psyche, as if “peering” behind the child from all sides. The bright colors that surround the child daily have an irritating effect on his nervous system, this leads to the fact that the baby becomes harmful and falls asleep poorly. It’s no secret that the rental of an apartment Moscow becomes more expensive every day. We advise you to contact our partners, they have excellent prices and a huge selection of real estate, you just need to go to the site – Bazanda. ru. If a child can already express his opinion on his room, then his wishes must be taken into account. Thus, you will show the child that his opinion is important to you, thereby making him happier. Wallpaper is better to poke neutral color, but accessories and furniture can be bright, because they are not difficult to change, update the appearance of the room. It is better not to use expensive wall coverings when repairing a children’s room, a three -year -old child can simply paint them, and the teenager is simply glued with various posters.