How to buy real estate in Switzerland?

Switzerland real estate is a tidbit for all investors. Here you can’t argue that everyone wants to become the owner of square meters in a developed European country. What does the process of buying Swiss real estate look like? What you need to consider if you are ripe for such a large -scale financial step?

To buy real estate in Switzerland, an individual will need a passport, and a legal person – a certificate of state registration and documents about the transfer of the right to signature. Get ready for the fact that the registration procedure will take about 2 months. The owner will need to sign a reservation agreement confirming the seriousness of your intentions, and make a bail 10% (plus or minus-options are possible). All papers are signed only in the presence of a notary public, which will be engaged in a sale and sale transaction. He is obliged to draw up and send a request for the permission of the transaction (the decision in the canton is just about two months), check the legality of the grounds of the operation, and proceed to draw up the contract. You decide to buy an apartment in Geneva or a house in any other city, the land is this order for all cases.

Even before the signing of the purchase and sale agreement, you are required to transfer the full amount of the transaction, except the amount of the pledge, to the trust account. If there is no possibility of present during the transaction, its conclusion can be entrusted to the authorized person or company directly in Switzerland, but in this case, take care of the compilation of the power of attorney. After purchasing housing, you can move into it immediately or by agreement with the former owner.

As you know, VAT in Switzerland in Europe is the lowest – it is only 7.6% for the purchase of real estate. But you will have to spend money because the buyer pays taxes. Tax on land transfer, expenses for entering into the register of owners’ rights, payment of notarial expenses – all this will come out to you in an additional “penny”. Tax sizes vary depending on the canton.

And yet – if you want to buy a house in Switzerland, then annually you will have additional costs (insurance and utility bills). Moreover, you live in a house or do not live – it does not matter, this rate of payment is without fail. Planning to rent housing? In this case, the income tax will be in the region of 17-46% of the total lease.