Natural ventilation

Today, our residential buildings are implemented mainly by exhaust natural channel ventilation. The influx of external street air in it and the removal of the spent passes through the special provided channels in the walls. In theory, the air of these systems should move due to the difference in the pressure of the external and internal air.

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When working ventilation, air masses move due to one most important detail. The air channel leaving the apartment must have a plug. With its help, air direction is produced only in one direction – up. In the absence of a plug, the air has the ability to move down the channel. Under such circumstances, the system will not function. The only solution with the open channel will be to tightly block it from below, leaving a small recess if necessary.

High -rise residential buildings often suffer from these ailments, as well as the buildings of Stalin’s development. Typically, the overall ventilation channel includes channels from individual apartments from different sides, which are connected to a common ventilation riser through the floor. One floor connects the left channel, and the other is the right.

In addition to the absence of a plug, ventilation malfunctions also provoke defects that appeared in the manufacture of defense blocks and panels at the factory. However, the absence of plugs is the most common defect of builders.