Euro -cement, flooring, cable

Euro -cement

Euro -cement is distinguished by the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of special additives, as well as their percentage content. As for the general pricing policy, more recently, the average price for Euro -cement depended on the economic and political situation, as well as on exchange trading. Almost all construction companies using Euro -cement are interested in reliable and economically profitable suppliers. The cost of a bag of Euro -cement includes the cost of delivery to the customer warehouse. Eurocern, due to its unique qualitative characteristics, gives concrete structures high indicators of the level of reliability and stability over a long period of operation.


In order to choose the right floor covering for a given room, you should decide on the requests with which this coating must satisfy. As a rule, the leading role is played by the conditions in which this flooring should be used. In this case, you can consider such characteristics as current production, toxicity, combustibility, ease of disinfecting. It is necessary that in the documents that accompany the flooring, all the characteristics of the materials have a digital expression. All coating characteristics should be confirmed by quality certificates and conformity. A fact as lack of a certificate can serve the return of the flooring. When choosing one or another flooring, you should use several parameters that must meet the requirements. But there are times when one of the most important parameter is enough. For example, a coating for a medical institution should have high bacteriostatic properties.


Heating cable is a type of cable that converts electric energy into thermal for heating. The heating cable is very different from the usual wire, the work of which is transferred to electricity. Such a cable is used in the form of certain areas with a given length on which the voltage drops, that is, in other words, it is the most ordinary electricity receiver. The heating cable applies with benefit the effect of dispersion of part of the transmitted energy. Heating cable is used in a variety of installations.