Which foundation to choose?

If you have sandy, sandy, loamy or clay type of soil on your area, then the most suitable foundation for the house will be strip. Well, if you are looking for builders who can build a high -quality strip foundation, then it is better to turn to professionals in their field. To employees of the company specializing in the construction of foundations.

Experts of their business

Turning to Alfa-Stroy LLC, you will receive not just a team that will come and do its job. You will also get a service that includes important and necessary actions.

In order to choose a certain type of tape foundation, experts will advise you about each of them. The choice of optimal will be made taking into account the soil and the depth of passing groundwater in your site.

By the construction of foundations for several years, the company can familiarize its customers with ready -made work. You can consider in detail photos and video reviews on your own. To do this, you just need to go to the company’s website .

The cost of work, as well as the consultation, can be found on the site or by contacting employees directly. There is also an option to request consultation by e -mail.

For each foundation that was built by the specialists of Alfa-Stroy LLC, a guarantee for integrity is given.

Also, in addition to the main construction services, you can always order additional services: drainage, waterproofing or insulation.

If, for a decision, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the reviews of those who have already become a client of Alfa-Stroy LLC, then they can also be found on the site.

Although for many, the main criterion for making a decision remains high professionalism of employees. And what else can it be if the company is headed by the head, who himself is the builder in the third generation?