Fiber cement siding

Fiber cement siding – building material for the external decoration of the house. A mixture of cement, small sand, mineral additives, wood fibers and water. Such a mixture is very strong and resistant to fire, water, insects. Siding looks great on the walls of both a private house and a city high -rise building.

The advantages of fibrosiding are factors such as: refractory, resistance to the sun, moisture, cold, hurricane. Fibrosiding does not rot, resistant to deformation, environmentally favorable, protects the structure from termites and insects. With improper installation of siding, its moisture resistance deteriorates.

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Fibrim -cement siding is produced in the form of long, narrow panels with a pattern, a special pressing system or with a smooth surface. The panels are easily processed and cut. The panels are mounted without pre -drilling holes. If the entire installation technology is observed, then the main life of fibrosiding is about 50 years.

Fibrosiding is well stained and retains color for about 7-15 years. The finish of the house with siding looks very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. Such a finish is also very durable, and at the same time a simple and inexpensive option.