Foundation for a country house

The person who decided to build a cottage for himself is very worried about the number of expenses. An almost fourth part of the. Therefore, you need to think about the right way of construction and type of building materials.

Make a choice of foundation is sometimes very difficult. A lot of indicators affect the choice. And if the foundation is incorrectly built, there may be a need for its strengthening or repair, which will lead to unplanned costs.

In order to save on the construction of a summer residence, a foundation is often chosen, which has a slight depth. Such foundations have normal reliability and a small valuable. A fine -toed foundation can last up to 15 years without the need for repair or strengthening. For construction, you can use reinforced concrete, pieces of pipe, piles or concrete.

The foundation made of reinforced concrete or concrete is installed on a pillow, which includes sand and crushed stone. The foundation consists of reinforcement, which is connected or welded throughout the structure, filled with concrete. Almost half the cement is going on for the construction of a fine -loaded foundation than others.

Sometimes in the form of the foundation a plate is used, which consists of concrete. Earth is poured under it and compact. Then pour 15 cm layer of sand on which roofing material is laid. To start building a country house, you need to do a project. Aquilon company 10 years in the design market in Ukraine and Russia offers its design services, and if necessary, the construction of a country house.