How to start the repair of the kitchen

It’s no secret that the kitchen is a very multifunctional place. As a rule, this room does not have a large area, and for this reason it is necessary to carefully approach the arrangement of household appliances and furniture. When making repairs, you need to understand that convenience is the main requirement for the kitchen. Of course, it would be more correct to contact the help of a repair company. The sales manager of which is carried out at a high level. All the necessary information will be provided to you. Nevertheless, it will be useful to know how to approach the repair of the kitchen on your own.

Initial actions

First of all, you need to think about drawing up a drawing or drawing of a future kitchen room. This will allow you to understand how to place furniture items, will give you the opportunity to decide on the color scheme of the kitchen. In addition, this will help you deal with accessories that will decorate the interior.

Then it will be necessary to calculate the number of materials by which you will carry out repair work. In this case, the help of specialists will be very useful. You need to understand how to place:


water supply.

In addition, you need to think about how to change sockets and wiring. After that, you can start dismantling the floor, ceiling, old communications.

If necessary, you need to change the window block, carry out all communications, build partitions, perform work to level the walls, floor and ceiling. By finishing the ceiling, you can use suspension structures in which drywall, panels or slabs are used. The easiest option would be to use water -based paint.

Kitchen lighting

Correct light is a very important factor in a variety of situations. For example, the development of an advertising campaign involves the use of various lighting tools. And in the kitchen, providing proper lighting is of great importance. The hostess should be convenient to work. In this case, you can use the bulbs that are located on the suspended cabinets. You can hang the lamp over the dining table.