From what varieties of wood will get a good quality lining.

The lining is made from simple boards, giving them the desired shape. In manufacture, it is possible to use different varieties of wood. This type of board is very common in construction.

The lining is considered a decorative board. With its help, you can finish walls, ceiling, doors. It looks beautiful. The atmosphere from the lining becomes favorable. Regulates humidity, the house “breathes”. In rooms where there is a lining, a person’s respiratory system is cleansed, becomes healthy, the smell of this board has a favorable effect on people.

Log is very durable material. She is not afraid of mold, like a fungus. It is possible to make hidden wiring.

What varieties can be made from the lining?

It is best to use coniferous varieties. This applies to housing. In the bathhouse linden and aspen. These varieties are durable, withstand high temperature and humidity.

Hangle lining is also used for external deposits. Antiseptic in such trees is natural, namely the resin. But as for spruce, it is not recommended to use it outside. This variety is very afraid of humidity and simply can start rotting.

Luggage lining is strong and is not subjected to decay. And the color has a noble light brown. Using a lining from this variety of wood, you can make an interior decoration. It will look comfortable and solid to look.

Birch lining is afraid of humidity.

The ash is good for decorating interior decoration and outer. Durable variety.

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How to care for lining.

When washing, you can wet the lining minimally. Solvents and household chemistry do not use. If the spot does not wash any, then use the solvent, but a very weak percentage.

For better protection, cover the lining varnish.

When finishing off any room, you must must be retreated at a short distance from the floor and ceiling. So the air will circulate better.