What concrete to strengthen the purchased gas boiler of heating.

What cement consists of? If it consists of something at all? You probably did not ask such a question. Everyone will answer the question of what is made from cement. But here is what is part of it? In fact, the composition of cement is quite complicated, several types of raw materials are needed for its production. Another composition of cement can be different, it can contain various additives that determine its features. Therefore, you need to consider what brand cement is worth choosing for a particular type of work.

Well, now consider what is part of the cement. Its main raw materials are clay and carbonate rocks. Sometimes, in small quantities, industrial toxins and waste may contain.

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In addition to the main raw material, the cement includes: limestone, chalk, Mergel. The physical properties and structures of rocks play a large role as a cement. The most valuable are breeds with amphoral structure. Have less strength of the breed that have a crystalline structure.

Corrective additives may also contain that will significantly increase the quality of cement. But, time does not stand still, every year the method of producing cement and its additives that increase its quality is changing.