What services do professional florists provide

Landscape and design

To begin with, we note that floristry is not just an art, it is a separate type of craft in which the original originality, harmonious and identity remains. With the help of floristry, you can distinguish certain zones in the room, arrange accents in the interior, create a feeling of comfort and a holiday, or a more energetic and active atmosphere.

Floristic services include:

– Landscaping of interiors;

– Landscaping of office premises;

– Decor of the room using natural materials, fresh flowers;

– Interior design – Easter floristry, New Year’s design of houses, facades of buildings and offices;

– Decor and design of windows;

– Decorating the redevelopment of trading halls with living and artificial colors;

– Creation of floral and interior compositions;

– Festive floristry and much more.

Currently in Russia, many floristic companies carry out this kind of activity. Every year they are increasingly improving and developing skills in this area.

Often, professional florists working in the relevant organizations take up completely different orders, but they are united by only one – high quality of the final result. To do this, it is necessary to take into account the preferences of the customer, the color scheme of the interior and style, corporate colors and much more.

So, when designing interiors, natural materials and fresh flowers are often used, since they harmonize any space much better than artificial materials. As for the decor of space, it can be made in a modern and traditional style. Quite often, decorators and florists work in different directions, so they offer their services in several versions.

In conclusion, we add that real professionals not only decorate the interior or some room, but also as if they would recreate it again, for the better and sometimes creating new reality.