If the eye is not Waterpas … Laser Leveler Speziallaser 2D Konstkteur

Often the desire to perfectly perform work leads to a deplorable result – it turns out “as always”. This applies to any work requiring markings if they are performed without special devices, with the expectation of visual acuity.

As a result, the track curves in the country are obtained, the wallpaper glued to the apartment, which deviate from the vertical, are built with distortion, and many other incidents under construction and many other incidents. The eye is a perfect tool, but it is better to rely on the performance of such work on devices – levels.

Of course, you can use the predecessors of the level of the level, but try to sit on a minibus with a 2-meter bubble or a 25-meter water level hose in a bay. Will not work. And with water, you need to work together in general. Not convenient.

These problems do not arise if you use the laser level (level) 2D KONSTKTEUR (SPEZILLASER, Austria) for marginal work. Dimensions 95*85*100 mm and the mass of 550 g allow to be transferred and transported to the supplied case. This is very convenient with the simultaneous work at several facilities. But this is not his only dignity!

Other advantages in the language of technical characteristics

The autonization system allows the installation of the level of the level of the horizon “on the eye” before operation, with a deviation of about 4 ° – the inaccuracy will be automatically eliminated. The accuracy of leveling horizontal and vertical lines is no worse than 0.2 mm per meter. Such accuracy is enough to perform work on pouring floor or installation of lighthouses when plaster.

The flaw angle of horizontal and vertical beam (165 °) allows you to work on extended objects without moving the level. Using various options for installing the level in the room, you can get a projection of the laser beam along its perimeter. Similar operations are performed with a vertical beam. Similar functions are inherent only to levelers with a solution of 360 °, but their cost is 2-4 times higher than the price of 2D KONSTKTEUR. These functions are indispensable when working with tiles on adjacent walls or when installing panels, partitions, window structures.

Blocking the autonization system is designed to create inclined lines and connect any two points with a straight line. The scope of the function is limited only by the imagination of the customer (installation of stairs, interior design).

The relatively low price of the 2D Konstkteur, with serious advantages over other cross -level levels, causes a desire to have this construction tool in personal use.

Briefly about the design

Structurally, the level is made in a plastic case protected by a safety rubber bumper, which allows you to conveniently and reliably hold it in the hand.

The housing houses a pendulum mechanism with magnetic compensators of justification, two lasers and prisms that form a horizontal and vertical marking line.

On the front panel of the device is a power switch, on the upper panel there are digging modes of operating modes. The choice of one of the modes is possible: projecting horizontal or vertical lines, simultaneous projection of both lines, disconnecting the electronic automatic leveling system.

The design provides for the ability to work with a tripod (a set of delivery).

P. S. The list of advantages of the laser level is not limited to the above. You can note a small “dead zone” of rays, and the possibility of power from dry elements or batteries, and a range of action. But the main thing is that the use of the level allows you to do the work efficiently, without complaints from the customer. And be sure that working with 2D Konstkteur, you will never hear the offensive from anyone: “Where do your hands come from?”