If the door does not close

If your door began to cry out or difficulties arise with its closure, then this can be eliminated.

To begin with, we turn our attention directly to the canvas, which during operation may swell as a result of high humidity. For example, doors made of soft wood are subject to absorption of moisture and subsequent swelling, which leads to an increase in size. In this case, you will have to adjust the door the door to the size of the box, while the appearance of the door can become a little worse, because of the gaps made, but there is no other option. To prevent such situations, it is recommended to choose wood from solid wood, which are good density and are not inclined to absorb moisture, for example, beech or oak. Buying a door from a solid wood of wood is best chosen with a radial cut.

In the event that everything is fine with the door, you need to check the box that may be distorted. This will need to be reinstalled, while strengthening the joints with the help of self -tapping screws.

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There is also such a problem as a shrinkage of houses. This mainly applies to the private sector, but some apartment buildings do not bypass this problem. During the shrinkage, door boxes and some walls can be slightly distorted. That is why do not forget about the level that will help to understand this issue.

Difficulties with the closure of the door can be due to unprofessional installation of door loops. For example, they are fixed too close or too deep to the edge. The correct reinstalling of the loops will help here, because this will allow the doors to close tightly and relieve unwanted drafts.

In order to exclude the reinstalling of the door and spending your time for its repair, trust professional installers who, in terms of high -quality installation, will be able to give certain tips to care for the installed product.