Eremenko and partners, rest in Italy

Italians have an amazing gift – they are able to create excellent real estate objects that enter the world of material things. In addition, the inhabitants of Italy are famous for the unpretentious and simple form of communication, which foreigners often perceive as an increased tone. In this amazing country there is everything for outdoor activities and excellent tourism. Here you can enjoy both the snowy peaks of the mountains and golden sandy beaches. Also pay attention to the architecture of old houses that were built many years ago. Perhaps that is why real estate in Italy is in great demand among foreigners.

If you decide to spend a vacation in Italy, then you do not have to buy a villa here, go to the cottage. You can buy a trip that will provide a hotel room. For example, for this purpose, many turn to Eremenko and partners for help, who knows the specifics of this country very well. She is engaged exclusively in Italy, so the company’s employees know very well where the rest in Italy is the best, what places it is worth tasteing, what can be eaten in Italian restaurants. Thanks to direct contacts with the famous hotels of Italy, you will find a warm and pleasant reception of Italians as soon as you come to this country. Note that the prices for tours, apartments and hotels company Eremenko and Partners offers minimal, and the quality of services is on top as always. If you are a lover of Italy, you can get a skid of 5 percent!

Italian real estate prices

Italian real estate market is very diverse. Most often, investors buy villas, mansions, chalets, apartments in the pre -lane regions, as well as islands, castles and towhouses. Depending on the location, all Italian real estate is divided into groups. Then we will only consider real estate in Lombardy, because it is she who is in greatest demand among tourists and investors.

So, real estate in Lombardy

It is the most lively region of the country, which has the most convenient position. With the help of a modern transport system in a few hours, you can get to both the hot southern shores and the snowy peaks of the Alpine mountains. Note that it is in this region that the most beautiful lakes of Italy are located.

If you are an investor, then it will be interesting for you to know that the value of real estate is high, the border of Switzerland, Monte Carlo and Milan is not far from. On the banks of the lakes Majore and Komo is the most expensive Italian real estate. In this region, over the past few years, there has been a tendency for stable growth in real estate prices.