DSP in the furniture industry

DSP is a lumber formed using hot pressing with the addition of binders (resins). These resins are a danger to our body, but at the moment there is no such technology that would allow them to abandon them.

So, we need to know in which case you can earn trouble, and in which – no. The degree of harmfulness of chipboard directly depends on its emission class. The issue is the amount of formaldehyde resins, which are contained in 100 grams of the plate, and which after time will begin to stand out into the surrounding space. Furniture, which is designed for home use, is made of chipboard E1, in which the release of resins does not exceed 10 mg. This indicator is considered harmless. For comparison: in a big city, in the air, the concentration of resins is much higher.

Class E2 involves formaldehyde content within 10-30 mg. E3 is used only for building purposes as an auxiliary material, since the resin in the plate is at the level of 30-60 mg.

Independently determine whether the chipboard is almost impossible. But if all conceivable and inconceivable norms are exceeded in the composition, you will definitely feel a characteristic unpleasant smell.

Furniture manufacturers who claim the title of decent brand use only certified materials for their products. Although the headset from chipboard and MDF are considered the cheapest, you should not risk it and buy a home atmosphere in some kind of “gateway”. By the way, even wooden furniture contains this notorious formaldehyde, because the wood is treated to increase not only the strength characteristics, but also to protect against parasites. But for some reason no one speaks about this, and all the “bumps” fall on pressed slabs precisely.

And further. DSP can be naked, and can be laminated, as in a children’s Atlantis. The cowarded plate is not so resistant to external influences and over time the “wrapper” wipes. The surface of the furniture cannot be removed with a damp rag. Only dry cleaning is suitable. And lamination gives the plate excellent strength, and such furniture will look just great for many years.

You can distinguish a milling chipboard from laminated. Pass on the surface with your palm, and if you feel something “paper”, then it is and you should not purchase a chosen headset.

As you can see, there is nothing wrong with the chipboard. Of course, provided that the manufacturer of furniture uses high -quality certified material.

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