Husqvarna – leader in the production of construction and garden equipment

If you ask professionals a question about which equipment for construction or garden work serves as a standard of quality, then the answer will probably be unequivocal: Husqvarna. Moreover, the level of reputation of the famous Swedish brand increases every season, since the model rows are updated, innovations are being introduced, and the equipment performs more and more functions.

One of the characteristics of the models of a variety of technology of the Husqvarna brand at the present stage is universality. But the path to this versatility took about three centuries, because initially the Swedes were guided by the production of weapons. But, sensitively reacting to time requests, in the twentieth century the company reached two main directions: garden and construction devices and machines.

Khuskvarna has widely determined the circle of its potential users. The range of equipment includes both models for domestic use and complex professional. However, a number of technologies from equipment addressed to specialists were able to adapt to everyday needs.

It is for this reason that these models are used on private land plots where it is necessary to solve a small amount of problems, but to do it carefully and quickly. To everything, the purchase of a travo carpenter, a cutter of a gasoline, garden tractor and other similar devices for personal use is a very significant. Therefore, in our country, the official dealer Husqvarna offers not only to buy the technology of the famous Swedish brand, but also to get a full -fledged branded service. Agree, the purchase becomes even more reliable if the client is confident in support on all issues – from counseling to the fulfillment of warranty conditions.

Actually, another important feature of the Swedish brand Husqvarna is the unchanging quality, which is guaranteed by each manufacturer, regardless of the location. That is why the technique, the use of which is implied in an intensive mode, whether it is a chainsaw, a gap or a lawn mower, is distinguished by impeccable assembly from high -strength components. To everything, additional accessories are available to users to improve the level of work and extend the service life of the device.

The choice of Khuskvarn for any use is a priori true. It so historically happened that throughout the entire period of the company’s existence, it adapted its production to the needs of a particular day. Today, in the dynamics of development, assortment and quality of products, the Swedes have become a world leader in their segment. And everything indicates that this is far from the limit.