Gypsum cardboard: DIY two -level ceiling

Many design solutions in the interior include complex drywall structures. It is most often used for interior decoration. GKL is used to install different types of ceilings: both multi -level and direct.

Dear readers of our site is now often measured by insulation resistance. By visiting this site and you can find out how it is done.

Thanks to such a material as drywall, it is possible to make a ceiling with any complexity level. But most often it is used to install a standard two -level ceiling.

To work, it is necessary to stock up on materials such as a screwdriver, punch, level, knife, roulette, metal scissors, and pencil.

The future design will require building material. However, it is quite accessible. The installation will require 9 millimeter ceiling GKLs, 3 types of metal profile: partition 50×50 mm, CD, UD.

From fasteners, two types of screwdrivers, a straight suspension and a dowel-gvo will be required.

The installation of the ceiling begins with its marking. For this purpose, using the level, a horizontal line is drawn during the perimeter of the ceiling.

Further on the ceiling is the correct radius. Its edges are tied to the protruding corners of all walls. The next step is the UD profiles are installed. They using dowels and perforator are attached along all wall perimeters.