Plasterboard walls

To begin with, it is necessary to measure the area of ​​the walls and calculate how many profiles, drywall sheets, screws and dowels are required for them, fiberglass and brackets. Cardboard sheet has dimensions: 2500×1200, and thickness 9.5 mm and 12.5 mm. The thinner is suitable for the ceiling, and 12.5 mm for walls. For installation, self -tapping screws for profiles and screws are used for all other works from 40 mm. Profile will require wide and guide.

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Using the level and guide profile, we make markings on the ceiling. For accuracy, on the floor we make cuttings measured by a special plumb line. Then we fix everything on screws and dowels. The distance between the main profile is 60 cm. The profiles are attached to each other with small screws. And all fastenings are better to do, focusing on the building level. To make the profile structure more reliable, you need to attach the main profile to the wall on the screws using brackets.

After installing the frame structure, you can proceed to insulation. It is better to do this in rubber gloves. To prevent large waves, it is possible to cut the fiberglass according to the size of the opening and make additional, profile jumpers.

Drywall sheets should be attached vertically. So it will be more convenient and less trouble. The distance between the screws should be approximately 20 cm. They should be twisted around the entire perimeter and jumpers, if there are such. Do not hardly screw the fasteners, enough slight fuel.