What nationalities predominate in Wyoming?

The state of Wyoming is the most sparsely populated of all the US states, about 565,000 people live here, with an average population density of about 2 people per km2 (49th place in the US, less only in Alaska).

The largest cities in Wyoming are the state capital Cheyenne (about 60,000 inhabitants), Casper (about 55,000 inhabitants), Laramie and Gillette (about 30,000 inhabitants each).

The largest urban agglomerations in Wyoming (and very small compared to the largest metropolitan areas in the United States) formed around Cheyenne (about 90,000 people), Casper (about 75,000 people), and Gillette (about 40,000 people).

Racial composition of the population of Wyoming:

  1. White – 90.7%
  2. Black (African American) – less than 1%
  3. Asians – less than 1%
  4. Native Americans (Indians or Alaskan Eskimos) – 2.4%
  5. Other races – 3%
  6. Two or more races – 2.2%
  7. Hispanic or Latino (any race) – about 9%