Gypsum cardboard to save electricity

Each material will improve over time, change its properties, make it better. It also happened with drywall, its new composition will save up to forty percent of thermal energy. The essence of the changes consists in the connection of the gypsum, of which the drywall consists of, and paraffin in equal proportions. For the whole day, paraffin under the influence of the sun absorbs part of the heat of the room, while lowering the temperature in the room itself. He takes the shape of a gel and does not flow due to its holding gypsum. In the evening, the sun sets, and paraffin begins to give its accumulated heat back, taking again a firm state. By the way, before buying drywall, it is best to consult with a specialist.

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The heat capacity of the improved drywall is the same as that of a brickwork 15cm and five times more than that of the old drywall. He can also keep the temperature in the room with its changes up to thirty degrees. The composition of improved drywall has been known for a long time, but only recently scientists were able to derive the correct ratio of its components. For some time the room will not need air conditioning. This material will be widely used in the near future, so it will significantly reduce the cost of paying for electricity, its production is inexpensive and very simple.