Doors from MDF painted – a good choice

When repairing in an apartment, office room, or even in a summer house, at a certain moment we are faced with the need to choose interior doors. It is important to remember that the doors should not only decorate the interior, but also be reliable and convenient to use. At the same time, we often break between the desire to choose durable and practical material for doors and the desire to save our means. Doors from MDF dyed are an excellent solution to this problem, since they immediately meet many criteria and are a successful combination of price and quality.

It is not difficult to purchase doors of MDF in Minsk – you can choose options for ready -made paintings and made to order in accordance with the individual design and non -standard dimensions of your room.

Why do we choose these doors:

MDF – material is less expensive than the natural array of wood, but at the same time almost inferior to it in strength and soundproofing properties. Compared to chipboard, the MDF plate is more environmentally friendly, since it does not distinguish harmful substances into the surrounding atmosphere, so this material can be used, including for the children’s room.

Painted doors provide inexhaustible opportunities for interior design, since the color for them can be chosen almost any. They can be performed in both classical and modern design, and for the author, unique design, such doors are a real find. At the same time, they can be repainted if you decide to change the color scheme of your interior.

As in the options from chipboard or array, the canvas can be either deaf and with glass inserts, depending on your wishes.

It is easy to care for them – the surface is not afraid of moisture, scratches and damage and easily washed. Thanks to this, painted doors are great for rooms with high humidity (bathroom, bathroom) and the risk of frequent contaminants (kitchen, cottage).

It is also worth noting the simplicity of installation and operation, due to a relatively small weight of these doors.

If you opted for the painted MDF doors, and have already decided on their wishes for their appearance and design, it’s time to start studying catalogs and choosing a particular model. For example, pay attention to the rich selection of such doors on the site . Let your doors delight your eyes and serve for a long time!