Making narrow cabinets compartment

The company “3D Furniture”, which is a direct manufacturer of furniture of all types, provides the possibility of manufacturing cabinets-coupe to order. Individual manufacturing a cabinet of the compartment makes it possible to take into account any deficiencies in the planning of the room in the project, use every centimeter of the apartment with maximum benefit for you.

The most popular in individual design is built -in cabinets, most often corner. The location of the cabinet in the corner makes it possible to use the space that is usually empty, because the maximum that can be installed is small shelves that will not save the position much. The ergonomic and modern angular built -in cabinet allows you to arrange shelves, hangers, all kinds of fixers for hats, compartments for bedding, while a minimum of area will be used.

The cost of the built -in cabinet is slightly lower than the case, since less material is used for such a design – the walls and ceiling of the room are used as the cabinet housing. But there is one restriction – the built -in cabinet cannot be mounted on walls made of drywall.

If you are lucky with the layout of the apartment and you are not wishes to create unusual furniture, we will be happy to offer you standard wardrobes, which is limited to several working days. Since the standard cabinet is created according to the finished project, we do not waste time discussing individual elements, the search for exclusive materials for filling.

If desired, we can decorate the finished standard cabinet with drawings, patterns, the method of which will be selected personally by the customer. You can get acquainted with the design base on our website

In small apartments there is a lack of space, which very often crushes and depresses. Narrow wardrobes of the compartment will help to make such an apartment more spacious and bright, which can be made according to the standard project, or designed individually. Such cabinets, as a rule, have two doors, are installed in small pieces or openings, in the corridor, bathroom.

Regardless of the layout of the apartment, we will be able to choose a cabinet that fits as much as possible into the atmosphere of the room.