Granite products: elegant luxury of stone

One of the most durable and most durable of all natural building materials, the stone from time immemorial has been for people the same integral component of their life as water and fire. The first reliable dwellings were created from the stone, not afraid of the flood and fire from a spark in the hearth. The stone became the first source and container of creative impulses – and we are talking not only about cave painting, but also about the amazing beauty of the artless primitive carving of stone.

Today, like many millennia ago, the most popular stone in humans is granite. Such popularity is due not only to its abundance in nature, but its own qualities. Elegant and discreet granite products are a kind of aristocrats in the world of stone things: full advantages and hidden depths, they are really revealed only nearby, with due attention and respect. The full crystalline structure of this stone allows you to make almost eternal decor elements from it, which also have special magnetism.

Restrained tones and maximum resistance to various types of effects, from bad weather to mechanical strokes, make granite steps the most popular in construction. Moreover, the exquisite pattern of stone steps equally harmoniously looks against the background of the facade of a serious office in the center of the metropolis and surrounded by an alpine lawn at the entrance to the country housing in the greens of the cottage village.

In the interior decoration, in addition to decorating the floor and walls, granite is widely used in creating a stylish design of kitchens and kitchen corners in studio apartments. For example, a countertop of granite and marble is an almost mandatory attribute in the catalogs of large furniture companies. No less often such countertops are combined with special furniture designed for operation in aggressive conditions. That is – in the bathroom with high humidity, in a cafe on a barn on a constant moist cleaning of the bar.

Initially, natural stone for countertops was used from the standpoint of practicality. But soon his purely aesthetic qualities were evaluated, and today stone countertops adorn the reception, home magazine tables and massive cabinet written tables, and window sills and steps made of natural stone, like several centuries ago, again became the architectural part of housing.