How to use plywood in construction

Plywood is one of the most popular slab building materials. It is used both in construction and in industry. This material is actively used for furniture, as well as shipbuilding and aircraft industry. Plywood has a number of properties as environmental friendliness, practicality, ease. It was these characteristics that made it popular.

Construction plywood is used to lay floors. It can be put under a floor covering, the same plywood is resistant to water. For the floor you need to use ecological plywood. The plywood is placed under the floor in order to prevent possible deformations, it can also provide a long service life of the floor. In addition to these advantages, plywood can increase thermal insulation of the floor.

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Often plywood is used to make formwork. Plywood has the ability to withstand the filling several times and has a greater strength for wear. For special work, plywood can be covered with a special phenolic film. Plywood is also used for roofing. Its mechanical characteristics make it ideal for this type of work. The longitudinal fibers of the slabs create special strength, and therefore a long period of service, and resistance to loads. For the roof, waterproof plywood is used.

The plywood is also used to decorate the interiors, because it has an external natural appearance with the effect of wood. Window sills, wall panels, partitions, soundproof panels, heat insulating panels are made from it. It is also suitable for finishing the restaurant and bar. It can be sheathed with the walls of sports halls and concert premises. Often, birch plywood is used for these purposes.

Construction plywood can be involved in the decoration of the exterior of buildings. It will create a facade and can be combined with other materials. It is very simply mounted and for this reason is suitable for the design of the facade.