Tapestries in the interior

We present to your attention the official website of the Textile Design Studio company. Real talented masters of their craft work here, who, with joy and love for their work, professionally produce tapestries in the Russian market for more than twenty years.

Tapestry is a type of fabric that has a luxurious appearance, due to its inner interpretation of threads that form a whole picture. From the very beginning of its origin, this masterpiece was exclusively manual and had a fairly high cost. Nowadays, appropriate professional equipment is made to create such goods, which allows you to create real beauty much faster, easier and with lower costs.

The tapestry is used in the production of bags, cosmetics, calendars, curtains, pillowcases, tablecloths, paintings, panels and other things. He is beautiful in appearance and easy to care for, if this is some kind of house of householding, then it is well worn, erased, etc. D.

In the Ivanovo company “Textile Design Studio” there are highly qualified specialists who love their business very much. Not only do they get it perfectly, they also like to create exclusive masterpieces for society. Since, being in everyday life, a thing created from the Ivanovo tapestry pleases the gaze of its master and his friends, it is pleasant to use such a thing, pick up.

Tapestry products are ideal as a gift or presentation. Thus, if you want to give a woman a gift or are going to a new house or apartment for a housewarming one to friends or acquaintances, you can take with you a modest, but having a chic appearance and design, a gift – any hostess will appreciate it.

Having carefully studied the site, the products and reviews about the quality of the products and excellent service located here, you have the opportunity to choose your favorite position, add it to the basket and place an order here. In the event of any questions or in order to clarify the details of payment and delivery, you can call the hotline phone number that you will find on the main page of the portal.