Drainage and reinforcement with support for geotextiles

Geotextiles are a material made from polymer raw materials, strong to the action of chemical compounds, fungi or mold, isotropic, not capable of decay, with the highest indicators of elasticity for ruptures or stability to abrasion.

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The physico-mechanical characteristics of geotextiles contributed to its widespread spread during construction. Currently, it is actively used in the installation of roofs or the arrangement of foundations, as well as road construction.

During the construction of different types of roads, as a rule, crushed stone is used. In the options, if the trail is carried out along waterlogged soil, and also on the base of clay or peat, sometimes crushed stone is pressed into the most soft base, the ruts are formed on the road. The use of geotextiles interferes with the soil rock mixing of crushed stone and, due to the highest coefficient of elasticity, guarantees:

• increase in the bearing capacity of the path and life without any need for repair;

• increase in density when laying crushed stone;

• increasing the resistance of the road surface to bad actions of low temperatures;

• Reducing the cost of road coverage itself without loss of property and the speed of laying process.