How to glue wallpaper alone

First you should prepare the walls under the sticker on them wallpaper. Remove the old ones, if there is a need to primed and plunge. For priming it is better to use a roller or a wide brush, for putty – a wide spatula. Next, measure the height of the wall and cut the wallpaper +10cm per allowance. If a drawing is applied on the wallpaper, then it is necessary to adjust it to the piece to the piece. Today, many people install dressing rooms in their apartments. If you need a high -quality and convenient dressing room, we advise you to follow the link.

When pasting, the wallpaper should be carefully ensured that the windows are closed. All the sockets and switches should also be de -energized. Dilute the glue. Different glue is applied differently. Read the instructions – maybe it should be applied to the wall or on a piece of wallpaper itself. Regardless of the place of application, glue is always applied to the same way – from top to bottom. Wallpaper should be glued without overflow -. After you have pushed the first sheet of wallpaper, you should drive out all the air from under the strip. To do this, carefully spend a soft and dry rag from the center to the edges. For sockets and switches, holes should be made after the wallpaper dries and stick to the wall. This will happen after about 6-7 hours. In the openings between the window and the ceiling, or the wall and the window, the wallpaper should be glued with the entry on the side of the opening of about 1-1.5 cm.