How to buy an apartment in a new building

Buy an apartment – a rather big risk of becoming a deceived participant in the transaction. Now there are a lot of builders, so each person has a choice of housing, it all depends on the funds that you want to spend. Here Apartments/ You can see what the Lake Gai Gatu residential complex offers a quiet place for those who love nature.

How to buy an apartment in a new building

Types of transactions for the purchase of housing

At the stage of construction

Apartments are sold in houses already commissioned. With this option, the purchase of housing is more likely that the transaction will be successful. Who wants to save on buying an apartment, can become a member of the transaction for the purchase of an apartment in a house, which is at the initial stage of construction, but in this case the risk of becoming a deceived buyer increases.

At the stage of construction

Buying from investors

Buying an apartment from investors who invested their money in the construction of a house. Investors may be city municipal authorities, real estate agencies and private individuals. Having trusted the paperwork for the purchase of housing agency for real estate, you will save your time and save yourself from walking in various instances. The agency has the opportunity to offer you an apartment to choose from in different areas of the city and at economy class prices. Buying housing from municipal authorities, the risk of being deceived is reduced.

Apartment in a new building

Necessary documents for the construction investor

You can become a participant in shared construction, then you must act according to the scheme:

Make a share contribution;

Additionally, it is necessary to make part of the investment contribution;

Join the housing cooperative or partnership.

Apartment purchase

A bill of exchange when buying

There are other ways of selling an apartment when the buyer is sold a bill of bill and an apartment purchase and sale agreement is concluded. In this case, there is a purchase of a bill, the price of which is equal to the price for the apartment. From a legal assessment, such a deal gives the right to the company that sold the bill to return the entire amount prescribed in the bill, but the buyer, without losing money, remains without an apartment.

Buying scheme when buying an apartment

Superflow of the apartment

In the event that a transaction of the purchase and sale of the apartment was concluded, the buyer makes the full amount of the cost of the apartment and waits for the house to be completed and commissioned. After the construction is completed, the investor company draws up the apartment and sign an apartment transfer agreement to the buyer.

Superflow of the apartment


When buying an apartment in a new building, make sure that the house is adopted by the state acceptance commission. Only after making sure that there is an act of acceptance of the house, you can safely sign papers about the transfer of housing for your use. Having become Novosel, proceed to the procedure for registering housing in your property. Documents can be executed independently, but this process is quite long: it will require a lot of time from you and your nervous system will be trained. It is better to entrust the registration of the company with which you have concluded an agreement for the purchase of housing.

How to buy an apartment in a new building