What material should be carried out by the cladding of the building

The cladding of the building is necessary not only for beauty, but also to protect the building from various destructive factors. Suppose, from the weather, mechanical damage, and t. D. Typically, brick is used for these purposes. Such material is available to many. The building, when facing bricks, adds good strength to the building, and the building after facing will become quieter and warmer. After all, it is not for nothing that brick has good soundproofing, and thermal insulation properties. But brick has disadvantages. The main one is that the brick will not withstand low temperature and high humidity. But the wind, hail and snow will not be able to do anything bad with it, although these phenomena can be very damaged by other materials.

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Also, the lining of the house can be done using panels, plastering, artificial stone, decorative brick, ceramic tiles, and t. D. But if you are finished with natural stone, then this is better than all other facing materials. To such a stone wide light gamut, a wide variety of drawings, and wide texture. With its help, you can achieve special expressiveness of architectural buildings, give them originality, and individuality. In appearance, natural and artificial stone is very similar, and they can easily be confused. But at a price they are very different. Natural stone costs more, because it is several times stronger than artificial stone. Therefore, remember that the cladding of your facade with such a stone is a guarantee of durability and reliability.