How to act if the quality of work is not satisfied

Finally you waited for construction work, but instead of great joy, you are insanely disappointed. Now we will discuss how to behave if you are not satisfied with the quality of the object that you received.

First you understand that it is almost impossible to fulfill the order without violating a single norm. But you should not give up.

First try to solve the controversial moments using peace negotiations. At the same time, be determined without hiding your intentions if necessary to go to court or conduct a construction examination. It is also worth looking for a lawyer who has experience in such a field and give all the documents for legal analysis.

In the case when you managed to maintain peaceful relations with the contractor, it is worth discussing with him an extending option for an independent organization for an examination, as a result of which it will become clear which of you is right.

When such a development of events is impossible, you must immediately go to court. Previously prepare and find out the addresses of companies or organizations involved in the construction examination, and then in court demand its appointment. Having received an expert opinion, first try to peacefully resolve the conflict, in case of failure, again, go to court. Keep in mind that if the court finds out to be guilty, then he is obliged to pay all additional costs.

Own pool is a real pleasure. And even if this happiness in the conditions of our moderate climate is enough for only a few months, it is worth it to build it. You can, of course, get by with a ready -made prefabricated option. It will not be big, but it is going in a few minutes. The maximum volume of such a design is eight tons of water. The basin frame consists of plastic or duralumin. A special material is attached to the tubes, and the base is ready.

Then they get water (there is a pump for this), and the reservoir is ready. You can buy an inflatable pool. But it is less convenient, as well as short -lived. In addition to mobile options, in the modern market you can buy a stationary pool. Such designs are quite expensive – thousands of dollars. Do -it -yourself pool will cost, of course, cheaper.

For its construction, it is necessary to dig a pit. The depth of the home pool, as a rule, does not exceed one and a half meters, so the foundation pit is digging two meters deep (with a margin for the formation of the bottom). Then you can lay the film on the bottom and sprinkle it with sand. This is a temporary option. The more solid model is concreted, provided with tiles or plastic. Also, the necessary equipment is installed.