How to quickly make a kitchen apron: technology

To create a kitchen apron, you need a significant collision of glue. With it, you should carefully smear the wall with a thin layer using a conventional spatula. Next, proceed to apply glue on a small area of ​​the wall with a gear spatula.

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Make sure that the glue does not fall into the width, which is larger than eight tiles, since this can cause its premature drying. Make sure that the formation of voids does not occur in the glue layer.

Laying tiles

Laying tiles, as a rule, begins with the lower row of the wall, from its central part. Follow the coincidence of the edge of the tiles with vertical markings. Start laying the lower row, tightly pressing the tile to the surface. Do not forget about the use of “crosses” between adjacent tiles.

Remove the excess glue. Next, apply fresh glue to lay out the next row of tiles. The installation of decorative tabs should be made from the vertical line so that there is no “sliding” of the pattern to the side. To carry out neat pruning of tiles first, you need to mark the size you need with a pencil. Next, using a tile cutter, cut off the required piece.