Geodesy in modern conditions

The study of land in many respects influenced the development of civilization. The planning and implementation of construction work today depends on the data obtained as a result of a geodetic survey. The geodetic company in its work uses both classic tools for studying land and innovative technologies.

Engineering geodesy is an applied science, within which various devices and technologies are used to obtain accurate data used during the construction of roads and buildings of various types. A geodetic company can offer topographic and breakdown, as well as aerial photography. Surveying (one of the most important sectors of geodesy) is used in agriculture and at the stage of intelligence work for further mining. In their work, professionals use special devices that provide high accuracy of measurements.

For geodetic purposes, different types of software have been created, which significantly increase the effectiveness of the work performed. As special services, cadastral, topographic and land management work is provided. Specialists with official permission provide conclusions made in accordance with the studies.

Applied geodesy allows you to solve the following problems:

Carry out engineering surveys to draw up plans and cards;

Engage in design for engineering and construction purposes;

Check the condition of land, buildings and structures by aerial photography;

Observe deformations that can occur during the operation of buildings and structures.

Engineering and geodetic work is always documented. The documents received, including the land surveying plan, are used to design and confirm the boundaries between various land plots. The conclusions of surveyors have official status, that is, they can be considered as confirmation of the right to property or permission to carry out construction and intelligence work. Earth technical documentation shows the size, boundaries and shape of the site. Surveying and other work on the study of land are necessary not only during construction. Various types of geodetic works are common in agriculture and industry.