Overseas cabinet of modern type

To date, a combined kitchen slab with a hob and oven – a rather obsolete thing. This fact is due to the fact that most people prefer to install separate elements of the kitchen slab in different places in their kitchen. Thus, the oven may not be under the hob, as everyone is used to it, but above it or from the side.

This system is much more effective in terms of energy savings, since individual structures of different elements of the kitchen slab consume much less energy than in the complex. Separate elements also allow you to arrange the kitchen slab so that it is convenient for a person who is engaged in cooking. Everyone knows that the location of the oven under the hob makes a person bend down, and this is very inconvenient.

Today in the market for household appliances there is a wide variety of kitchen equipment of various price categories. For example, you can buy an oven in Sevastopol in a Topsto store for only 20 – 30 thousand rubles. This is due to the fact that such companies as HotPoint-Ariston are present on the market, which have been producing such equipment for many years and have learned to do this efficiently and inexpensively.

For example, you can consider the oven HotPoint-Ariston 7O FHR 640. This model combines efficiency and aesthetics, as well as power and reliability. The model ranges from a price corridor from 25 to 30 thousand rubles, depending on the region of the country. The oven has mechanical switches, which makes it much more reliable than oven with sensory control. The oven of this company consumes electricity in accordance with the class of energy consumption a. The useful volume of the cabinet is 58 liters.

The oven has six heating modes, as well as grill and convection. Also, the oven is equipped with a shutdown timer, a cooling fan and backlight. The oven door has three glasses in its structure, so it heats up slowly. You can purchase an oven at any household electronics store.