Geodetic control

Geodetic control is especially important when installing prefabricated elements with strict observance of sizes. The rise in the cost of construction directly depends on the number of errors when installing individual foundations that immediately lead to numerous alterations.

Geodesical control is also very important in the analysis of the angles of skewing wheelbars of bridge lifting cranes, since a large roll can lead to the most tragic consequences.

Geodesical control in the process of installation of structures involves the determination of the planned, high -altitude and vertical position of the structure, and also determines the geometric parameters of prefabricated structures that enter the construction.

Two theolites will be necessary for geodetic control during the installation of columns with a height of more than 5 meters in the design position vertically.

The geodetic service exercises control on the basis of applicable regulatory documents. This type of control is carried out on all types of structures of increased danger: railways and roads, power lines and communication. Thus, this kind of control is subject to aboveground objects. Underground highways and pipelines are subjected to examination only in the event of obvious signs: specific liquids, steam or gases to the surface of the Earth. In this case, underground objects are subjected to constant observation, which ensures the long -term and reliable operation of the highway. Moreover, observations are carried out both in the longitudinal and transverse direction.

Theodolite and leveling help to carry out geodetic control over the high -rise position of the reinforcement. The countdown begins from the rector with a zero mark, which is located in the alienation zone under the locking reinforcing reinforcement. In this case, the high -altitude mark of the rapper must comply with the project.

The accuracy of construction and installation works is checked using the relevant devices and tools in accordance with the drawings of the actual planned and high-altitude position of the built buildings and structures. Permissible deviations from the project should be within 3% of the norm.

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