Granite or marble

Granite and marble are the building materials that humanity has been using since time immemorial. It was always difficult to mine them, dwellings built and trimmed with the help of these types of stone always belonged to wealthy people. Nothing has changed today, although the materials have appeared cheaper and persistent. The use of these two natural materials is a matter of prestige.

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Which material is more suitable for decoration of rooms, for tiles, for wall cladding and floor?

We will figure out these minerals for starting (yes, yes, all stones are minerals). Granite is a volcanic breed. It consists of quartz and frozen magma, is very durable and solid. But, like all volcanic materials, it has a firm but porous structure into which microorganisms and moisture penetrate over time. Therefore, too wet room is not suitable for granite.

Marble – in fact – limestone. This is a sedimentary breed that is formed when the sand interacts with the slow bottom currents of the seabed. Sea and water – these are the elements of marble. Like all sea minerals, it has a crumbly structure that allows him not to be afraid of the water in which he was born, but makes his presence in a dry climate undesirable.

External buildings and decoration with dry climate is better not to make marble.